Dutchgrand is the No.1 producer of portable baby grand piano-shells. Our unique and elegant product is the perfect solution to replace the conventional keyboard-stand. Dutchgrand’s superior design and finish creates the illusion that you are playing on a genuine grand piano. Dutchgrand comes in one universal size, accommodating a large range of electric stage pianos, including Yamaha, Roland, Korg and Nord.

What sets our product apart from the competition is Dutchgrand’s easy set up and portability. The legs of the Dutchgrand portable piano shell, fold and lock into the body of the piano. We also keep the Dutchgrand’s weight to a minimum by using ultralight materials. This results in a setup time of seconds and allows you to carry your Dutchgrand with one arm! Because of the compact dimensions, it’s possible to transport the Dutchgrand in a large car, station wagon, SUV or small van.

To ensure that your Dutchgrand is in perfect condition for every performance, we offer a luxurious cover to protect it’s beautiful high gloss finish. With these innovative features and benefits, plus worldwide delivery, Dutchgrand makes the ideal partner for all of your performance needs. Contact us today!