The top-part of our product consists of engineered polyester in a specially designed construction, the lower part is made from coated aluminium.

Depending on your body-weight, in most cases it will hold. However, because of it’s compact dimensions, it will become unstable if extra weight is added on top of the shell. This will cause hazardous situations. Therefor we strongly discourage to sit, climb or stand on top of the shell!

Yes, it weighs about 20 kilograms (44lbs). Off course it depends a little on your body-length and your physical condition, but the Dutchgrand is absolutely portable.

In general: Yes. With the front seat folded, even in smaller cars. If you want to be sure, measure the back-interior of your car. The dimensions of the Dutchgrand are: 147cm long, 101cm wide and 26cm high, including the cover.

No, The shell is created as one piece. This gives the product it’s solidness.

No, the Dutchgrand is a one-size model, produced from a mould. Designed to fit the regular stage-pianos and keyboards for this purpose. The leading brands offer mostly models that are based upon an 88 key housing. Sometimes there’s extra space required for bending wheels and other accessories. This is where the keyboard-housing exceeds the space that is available. In most cases the side-parts of the keyboard housing can be removed, for example the Roland RD700-series.

The Dutchgrand was originally designed for non-speakered stage pianos. The shell is not meant for any amplification or acoustic adjustment for your keyboard. However, it will effect the sound of a stage piano with onboard speakers a little: The shell serves as a cabinet and might give more “body” to the original speaker-sound. On the other hand, the high-tones will be harder to hear.

No, our current model is based upon the average size of stage pianos as well as on the average size of car-interiors and other means of transportation. A bigger shell would also immediately effect the portability of the product, any smaller version would not meet the demands for a product like this.

Some customers need a symmetric pair for dueling piano-acts. At the moment we don’t have a mirrored model. The costs for development of such a product cannot justify the small demand for it. It might be something we will offer in the future though.

You could. But it’s not our business. We have to order it from an external casing-company. Then we have to charge huge costs for shipping/handling. Save yourself a small fortune and order cases from a company nearby! We ship the Dutchgrand to your address safely in a sturdy carton.

Simply by sending us an email (info@dutchgrand.com) and confirm your order or fill out the form. We’ll let you know immediately if the products are in stock and can be delivered to your address on a short term.

The top-part of our product consists of engineered polyester in a specially designed construction, the lower part is made from coated aluminium.

As soon as you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive an invoice including shipping-costs. This can be payed by bank-transfer. We offer Paypal as well but there’s an extra charge for that service.

The top part is glassfibre-based material. It can be easily repaired with materials, available in a car-parts store or a paint-store. Small scratches or irregularities in the surface can be repaired with sanding and polishing. Be careful though, this takes some experience. Rather have it done by a specialist like a yachting-repair shop or a car painter, if you don’t trust yourself with it.

Yes, we ship separate: legs, antislip-pads, mounting plates and covers.

Nope! We are proud of what we make here at Dutchgrand Ltd. We think the rest of the world should get acquainted with Dutchgrand. All brands print there trademark on their products, and so do we.